a good date

A good date is one where you can trust each other.  If you’re just sucking dick at the bookstore that’s not important. If he’s coming to your apartment is is, sotalk or chat online in advance and don’t be shy about talking about sex. If he shows up on time or phones to say he’ll be late you have reason to trust him. If he doesn’t return phone calls or keeps asking questions you’ve already answered, beware.  Ask him if he’s on something. Both of you should agree on whether or not drugs are part of play and which ones will be used. Personally I’d rather have men on crystal meth (Tina) getting  into rehab than getting into my sling. Rehab worked for several friends, but that is your choice, and both of you should be clear on it. I’ve told playmates I didn’t want to play with them because they were using, and three of them called me a few years later to apologize and say they’ve been clean and sober at six months. Being honest works.

On the best dates both partners know how what the other man wants. Beware of the men who say they’re into everything. They’re not. It usually means they don’t have a clue. It’s great when a first date works seamlessly but usually it takes more time to know each other. Playing with a fuck buddy overtime know each other from elbow to asshole and you know how to enjoy each other. When you play with a new man let the play follow his urges and your imagination. Those dates cannot be scripted. When someone out of the blue shows up make yourself available without forcing it and let your smile and the light in your eyes keep his attention. Don’t call him more than once. The most important preparation is being ready to have a good time. Don’t put pressure on yourself or your partner; let your play evolve.

Kissing is the essence of good sex and it’s the best way to start and end a date. Mean it; all of us want attention and affection Keep focused on him and listen to what he has to say. He may give you hints. We automatically expect a new playmate to like what we like, but that’s not always true. Getting inside his head is a great way to get into his pants. If you can anticipate his interests you will connect with him faster. And if you’re not sure, ask him. With a first date that’s not always easy, but you can look forward to your date with good feelings rather than hesitations, and you don’t have to be into everything. If there is something that turns you on, let him know with words or body language. Your date will get comfortable if you’re comfortable with yourself. When he arrives talk about your home town, family, whatever. Start a conversation. You should be a gracious host and take the first step even when you expect to end up the submissive partner. Once you’re both comfortable take his hand, lean over and kiss him. You can talk about fun you’ve had in bed, but don’t brag, share your excitement. Do not say anything about your mother’s recent medical problems even if they’ve been on your mind all week. Avoid long silences because he may be shy or polite. Listen for clues. When tells you he wants to suck your dick you can be pretty sure he wants you to suck his dick. The opposite also works; If you like being stroked, stroke him.

Great sex is a balancing act that requires attention and a willingness to relax and let the sexual energy guide you. Anything set in stone before you play will likely fracture, so be open and flexible. You may have never been fucked on your hands and knees but don’t resist him if that’s what he wants to do. Try it. Pay attention to his pleasure. Good sex goes bad the instant one partner thinks he has to do something or feels he’s being judged. Hesitations are a ticket to Limp Dickdom. Try to stay with his imagination and interests because it generates good feelings. If he’s just using you, show him the door. .

When someone shows up out of the blue make yourself available forcing it and let your smile and the light in your eyes keep his attention.  A good date is play time. Plan on having fun. Be the stud in your dreams. Be the boy you were at nine when you discovered a boner in your BVDs.


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