The Democratic Party traditionally has been the party of the people.  While many of its most famous Presidents like Roosevelt and Kennedy were wealthy the party has championed workers, unions and the disenfranchised like us queers.  They have also been the party that tries to have something for everyone, and that’s muddled their message and fearing they’ll alienate someone they weasel on tough issues like Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  Too often they know the problem but can’t get organized to solve it. The problem persists and becomes fodder for Republicans.  The recent Health Care debate is a good example.  Had it not been for the determination of President Obama that bill would have met the fate of all previous health care bills.  The Democrats spent a year trying to appease Republicans who were never going to support it. Then the Democrats pass the legislation and the Republicans accuse them of being partisan. No, in that case the Dems were the winners and the Republicans were the losers, and they’re not good losers. But instead of celebrating their victory the Democrats get all apologetic about its implementation. You gotta to what you gotta do and you can’t please all he people all the time.

Democrats run away from taxes almost as fast as Republicans. They get blamed for big government but never have the balls to stand up for taxes that pay for all the  dirty work of any civilization like fighting wars, cleaning effluent. reparing schools, cleaning  the air and repairing highways. Democrats appreciate government’s role while Republicans treat it like it was the enemy, but someone has to be the enemy of polluters and  predatory lenders because the free market isn’t designed to curb itself. Republicans say they want smaller government but only so long their rights to own firearms are protected and Congress approves huge defense budgets at the expense of education.  Democrats need to remind Americans that government holds the nation together. It’s the place we argue our differences, support our arts and educate the next generation. Taxes pay for that because God is not on anyone’s side when it comes to writing paychecks to workers, teachers and artists.  We have to have money in the bank to pay them, and for some reason Democrats explaing the ratinoale for taxes that pay for education while the Republicans are packing school boards that mandate texts questioing Evolution and downplay the importance of Thomas Jefferson.  Come on guys, get with it and don’t worry about Republicans saying you’re being self serving. They’re masters at it. (Since when are tax breaks for the rich not self serving?)   Obama made a step in the right direction by including the true costs of the federal government in his budget unlike the previous administration that fought the two wars off the books. Democrats have an important election this fall, and if they don’t have a clear message about both their goals and reasonable programs to solve problems their only hope is that the Republicans will eat each other, and some Tea Party activists  are showing signs they’re ready to do that.


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