erectile dysfunction

I love the term, so much more formal than limp dick. What I love even more are the commercials on television. We are led to believe all the happy straight white couples will be mildly happier when the man uses Viagra or Cialis. No one’s seen panting and there are no bodies rocking the bed under the covers. The ones I like best are Cialis commercials.  In one we see a couple in their home and suddenly the walls disappear and a forest complete with a stream appears. They smile as if they really want to have sex on the artificial turf and rocks on the fake creek bank.  The  even better is one with a full laundry basket on a table that flips over to become a smart little cocktail table complete with linens, glasses of wine and mood lighting.  I think it’s going to take more than Cialis to make a pile of dirty underwear look good enough to eat even with mood lighting. (smelling it I understand).

At least we’re talking about limp dicks in public. Every effort is made to let straight men feel comfortable talking about something we talk about over lunch. All the polite phrases they use remind me of all the short hand we used to use when we couldn’t be gay in public.  Things like Friends of Dorothy and afternoon delights, not to mention wearing a signet ring on a pinkie to let others know you sucked dick or took it up the ass.  In the bad old days we lived in a carefully constructed world that allowed us to survive even though it kept us from being honest with ourselves. If we were honest we had to apologize for it.  Today is the 20th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act . Tonight PBS interviewed a woman in a wheel chair whose was denied access to a law school because of it.  She talked about the need for able bodied Americans to join them in erasing all barriers. I remember when that act was being written how we worked together with that community so that men with AIDS would have access to public facilities they couldn’t get into in wheelchairs or were otherwise discriminated against. They were our friends and allowed us to talk about our issues in language that was more acceptable to the general public. Knowing who are friends are and sticking with them is going to be very important in the fall elections.  President Obama is going to be attacked by the Republicans. They’re going to blame him for just about everything.  Unless the Tea Party eats itself they are going to provide Republicans with a cadre of people who will vote and get their friends to vote.  Many in our community have been disappointed in Obama for not keeping all his promises.  Let’s be real boys and girls.  No president fulfills all his promises. Even George Bush had one wing of his party saying he sold out.  Progress is made slowly and w we have seen benefits for the partners of  Federal employees, and the Pentagon is working on removing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell so thoroughly it can never be challenged as it was when Clinton tried it.  It’s slow but it’s coming.  Obama has preserved two liberal seats on a Supreme Court that now has a conservative majority with the likes of Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia. Obama persevered to enact Health Care Reform that means we will never be denied access because of some precondition like AIDS or VD or just being homosexual. In this fall’s election the options we have are between Obama and the Democrats and the Republicans who delight in having firearms carried openly in national parks, justices that approve unlimited campaign spending by major corporations and tax cuts for the rich. The choice is pretty clear to me. I do not want to see America becoming a country dominated by money with an apathetic electorate willing to go along. We have to get involved. Our way of life is on the line. OK, maybe I’m overdoing it, but the outcome of the fall election this year has very real  consequences for the GLBT community. If we sit back we will be outspent and out maneuvered by the Republicans.  We don’t need Cialis to stiffen our dicks and stand up against that kind of take over.  Let’s keep our country the land of the free to fuck whomever we want and stick with our friends in the next election remembering how ugly life in the closet was and might be again.


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