Hard and Fast by Sean Wolfe

Hard and Fast by Sean Wolfe is a good read.  It meets my criteria of getting me hard.  I was relieved to pick up a book and after reading the first two pages know I wanted to read the rest of the story.  Sean Wolfe is a compassionate, erotic master.  His characters come alive as human being as well as sexual objects.  The price is right, too.  For the cost of a mediocre meal out you get a couple hours of dick hardening with this collection.

The first story The Good Boy, Part I is one of a young boy and a church youth counselor. Even if the story had got only as far as Axom, the boy, being aroused  it would be enough to harden a dick. There is more.  It’s a believable situation if you Catholic with hard dicks, lots of dick sucking and some affection.  All is well in the end, cum is spilt, and the two say they’ll keep doing it.

The second story involves twins which are always interesting. They connive to get two jocks from  high school to show up at their pool party. After the straight jocks get drunk, the twins shoo the rest of the guests out and, not surprisingly (this is porno) the jocks want the twins to suck their dicks.  So far so good. Then the jocks want the twins to get down on their hands and knees to be fucked which is what the twins wanted in the first place. That happens but the story lost a bit of believability for me because drunk straight high school kids, unless I’m wrong, aren’t going to be very good butt fuckers although according to one of the twins they are. But, again it’s porno. If you have serious blue collar fantasies of being taken by teenage drunks this could be your thing.

A closeted priest has a large uncut dick in the third story with a tanned surfer having only a decent dick which is a nice reversal of expectations.

Always paying attention to detail I noticed the author slipped up when he wrote about magnets attracting metal.  Magnets attract iron /steel not all metals like tin and aluminum and lead.

They Call Me Mr. Tripp is written in the first person and that increases the immediacy of the story telling.

I took a deep breath, and then gasped as the big head popped through my hole.  I grabbed the comforter on either side of me, and every muscle in my body tightened in protest . The pain shot through my ass and guts, and then tingled its way through my veins, reaching every pore of my body. I gritted my teeth and buried my head in the pillow, and counted slowly to ten.

In the first person it’s easy to assume the author is speaking for himself.  Not always true.  This story is refreshingly honest about the speaker’s journey from a small town in Texas to college in Nebraska, then San Francisco and Boston hoping to find himself.  He has some lousy relationships and drinks a lot of vodka along the way.  A compelling scene is his dream of being with his dead lover Trent and their tumultuous sex.  In the end he returns to his small town after a classmate he idolized in high school finds him on Facebook.  When he finds out the guy is gay and despite his protests that once again he’ll ruin the relationship they reunite.  I’m always reminded that while the generosity of San Francisco’s gay men who brought me out in 1972 gave me an incredibly rich life the city is not always an easy place to find love.  My best fuck bud recently moved back to Oregon after eight or nine years here.  Others found enough men to keep their holes happy and real estate that was easier on their budget in Palm Springs. For me San Francisco remains a paradise I could never have imagined growing up in Wisconsin. I know there’s quicksand here but there’s also just enough fog to keep others from seeing my shortcomings.

Wolfe is an entertaining author who writes solid pornography.  His penchant for dimples, great bodies hidden under clothing, and thick veins on dicks is evident in all his stories. They vary in tone and character, and they are the perfect vacation read.  Or, for hot jack off sex, a chapter a night will stain your shorts but who cares about that?


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