Men’s Fashion

One of the scariest sections of the Sunday Times is the men’s fashion section. Who would wear some of that stuff in public?  I liked it when Abercrombie wanted to get our attention and its first couple portfolios had guys with dicks you could see and men you wouldn’t kick of bed if there eating crackers.  I assume most of men’s fashion is sold to straight men.  If we’re not a big enough market to sell gay books; we’re certainly not a big enough market to buy all the silly things they drape on models that these days look like they need to get fucked.

Come on, great photography captures moments in our lives, the curious and the obscene, not sterile human forms.  Guys, take that jacket off, don’t change your underwear, go barefoot.  That’s what men do.  Why not sell men clothes using models who look and behave like the real thing?  OK, I know a lot of us are in the business of designing those clothes but we have to sell them so I assume marketing is focused on straight dudes.  But that stuff is gayer than Sunday afternoon at the End Up.  I guess I’ll have to settle for Levis, our hometown folks who sell clothes I want to wear in suggestive ads that look like my world.


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