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I don’t know about you, but the far Right is scaring me.  It’s not just the rhetoric but their fervor.  People who are that excited vote!  They will be out in numbers, and if we aren’t out in equal numbers America will go back to what George Bush served everyday  for eight years.  John Boehner has said as much in his new “plan” that smells very much like Newt Gingrich.

If you think about the last two years there’s much to be proud of like HEALTH CARE.  Like keeping us from a Depression ala 1933.  There’s still a lot that’s wrong and a lot that needs fixin’ but Canada is going to start looking pretty sweet to me if we have to go back. Literally go back!

Just because Obama hasn’t moved faster on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is no reason to stay away from the elections this fall.

What can we do?  Walking door to door in San Francisco for Democratic candidates is fun but we can make a real difference supporting candidates in states where it matters like Nevada, Colorado and Pennsylvania.  If you can travel and help out in those campaigns all the better. Come November you can vote.  Your relatives can vote. Your friends can vote.

We have to stop insanity of the Right.


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