Rough Trade

The next book in this review is Rough Trade edited by Todd Gregory with stories of men paid for sex ranging from dinner parties with dildos, to frat houses and a slave being auctioned for one million dollars.  Two stories stand out because they were believable: the real stuff.  One is the story of a hustler who volunteers at a retirement home on Nob Hill and spends a few hours with “Frisco” his favorite. Who would have thought retirement home porno would be anything but embarrassing, but Greg Wharton makes it true, loving and erotic.  “Missionary Road” by Neil Plakcy is a love story about a young man who escapes snowbound Chicago for college in Hawaii after his parents are killed in a car accident.  New to almost everything he meets a hustler who teaches him how to fuck and be comfortable around gay men; he comes to know the value of friendship.  Like others in the collection this story is a morality tale.  Filled with ambition, vanity, pain and hot sex each story has an element of redemption.  The lesson:  Be kind to our friends who get paid for sex.  They have hearts, too. Sometimes big ones.

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