the budget deficit


The current Republican war chant is reducing the federal deficit.  A noble cause, but let’s look at how we got the deficit.  It wasn’t spending on new social programs. Even the bailout was an insignificant factor in increasing the deficit.  The deficit was caused by Republicans.  First, Bush hid the costs of the wars in supplemental budgets. Obama included them in the federal budget so for the first time we know the true costs of those wars.  Second, the most expensive welfare program in America today is defense contractors not unwed mothers. Essentially, Bush privatized the war moving it from the government to big business, for example to Blackhawk and Haliburton where Veep Dick Cheney has a financial interest and benefits from its profits.   That percentage of the budget has increased over the past eight years. Remember!  When George Bush took office President Clinton had left him a surplus. He quickly turned it into the nation’s largest deficit, and Obama has continued to support defense spending.

OUR SAVIOR MAY BE GAY.  Barney Frank, who chairs the House Committee on Financial Services has said the wisest way to reduce the deficit is to decrease defense spending. We spend billions of dollars a day on a war we didn’t win in Iraq and on another with even less hope of winning in Afghanistan.  Rather than spending money on guns and infrastructure in a country that’s proven is can’t govern itself we should be investing that money in friendlier states where the schools and health clinics won’t be torched by terrorists and our investments in stable economies will make it harder for terrorists to do their recruiting.  If we stay in Afghanistan we are only giving terrorists more fuel for their campaign against America.

BOTTOM LINE:  Unless things change  America will be owned by China’s banks, our education systems will continue to be under funded and the next generation will have a greater tax burden and be more poorly equipped to handle it because the economy hasn’t kept up with global competition due to a lack of skilled workers.  I may not have all the facts exactly right, but the reality is that America is headed for trouble unless things change.  Increasing the rhetoric on illegal immigrants and mosques near Ground Zero will do nothing to decrease the deficit.  A real decrease requires changing how we spend public money and how we administer foreign aid.


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