end of year

This year was never dull as I age actively.  My first priority was writing; my second was real estate.  I came to novel writing late, so I am just beginning to appreciate all the work that writing one entails.    I couldn’t ask for better editors.  Michael inspires me,  and Wayne forces me to write like a novelist. The result is work that keeps getting stronger.  I will continue improving it the rest of my life. As I come into my own as a writer I am placing limits on how and where I spend my time and try to use my quantum of emotional energy wisely.

I just bought a beautiful home is Sebastopol from a screenwriter.  Meeting her and having time to talk about writing with another serious writer was incredibly satisfying!  I am taking a play writing class in January, and I want to take Our Town by Thornton Wilder and set it in the Castro.  She was very enthusiastic about my idea and said she wanted it written in her house.  I’m sure the house will provide inspiration as well as solitude.  The other real estate ventures are making a B&B in the front two parlors on the first floor in the building on Fulton Street, and turning my house in Calaveras County house into a rental. So far, the woman I’ve hired as property managers says the response to her announcement has been strong.

John and I are dissolving our relationship.  It’s time for him to find a job, and time for me to be relieved of his depression.  Some relationships have expiration dates, and ours is past due. I want it to be as amicable as possible

In the year ahead I plan on visiting friends in Palm Springs and attending the Lambda Literary Foundation awards program in Los Angeles. I will apply to the Napa Valley Writers Conference in the summer this time in fiction.  I’ve attended three previous ones as a poet.  The setting is picturesque, the instructors are amazing with readings at various wineries in the evening.  I always come away inspired.

Upending a relationship is never easy. I proceed with caution and determination. On a brighter note now instead of driving three hours to Calaveras I will be driving an hour and fifteen minutes to Sebastopol on weekends.

To all my readers my heartfelt wishes for a sane and healthy New Year, despite the Republicans.


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