occupy wall street

Every day I am reassured that my America is on the move.  The Occupy protest is growing and gaining momentum. Every thirty years, the span of a generation, unrest with the system surfaces and long simmering discontent and abuses can no longer be tolerated.  It’s usually the young who foment revolutions, and this one is no exception.  With them my faith in America is restored.

Being a veteran of the civil rights and anti war struggles of the 60s and 70s this movement is a rush of clear cool air because the movement will loosen up more than just the political narrative. Unlike the Tea Party that responded like spoiled children and disrupted town meetings, young minds are using social media to bring us together peacefully and spread the word intelligently. Because we can communicate instantly among ourselves having a single spokesperson is less important. Julian Assange is our Timothy Leary; they both shook things up.  Someday one or two (probably women) will crystallize our message.

The next step is clarifying the movement’s goals.  To me they are quite clear: economic equality, less reliance on huge corporations, and eliminating the corruption of big money in politics.

It is time for change, big change, and change that improves the lives of those who have suffered for the last twenty years.  Our system is sick and needs strong medicine, but it will take a politician with huevos to take the lead. Republican presidential candidates are already dancing uneasily around the issue.  If the Democrats get it together this will be their ticket to recapturing Congress.  But if that happens this time they have to deliver.


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