park known for sex

Park Known for Sex     Those words in the Times got my immediate attention. Foolish me, I thought those days were long gone.  The story gets worse.  Not only were men arrested in the park’s men’s room, but the police department thought they were still in 1955 and published their mug shots in the local paper to ”publically shame” them.

My first thought was the men would plead guilty to having fun and be done with it. Who’s so ashamed of being gay they don’t want their mother to know?  OK, maybe a few men outside San Francisco. The arrested men were smart enough to have lawyers get the charges dropped to misdemeanor, but no one told the Police Department.  The fun part is the rest of the article with embarrassed public officials, inept bureaucrats, and everyone blaming someone else.

Have things really changed for men who like to do it in the woods? The Times did identify the Internet web site for men who cruise parks that will help others find them, and the journalist Lisa W. Foderaro did portray the men as victims of unwanted entrapment not heinous debauchers. That’s progress, but if police departments in metropolitan areas think they can shame us our work is never done.

What if the son of someone like Michele Bachman had been arrested?  We can only dream.


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