being single again

The prospects of being single at 67 are dim according to most of the psycho-guides for men. Like they think we don’t have the stamina for younger men or our despair is too hard to handle. Just in case I was wrong in my assumptions I looked on the Internet and came up with the following (abridged)
1. You really need to figure out what kind of dating partner you are looking for. Are you just looking for a companion with who can share some memorable moments of your life? Or do you have a marriage on your mind?
2. People aged 50 years or more should be advised that they should not pretend being someone who they are actually not.
3. Here’s the one I liked best: Add an Attractive Headline to Your Profile. Really?
4. And finally, make sure whatever you write in your profile is free from grammatical or spelling errors. Details, details, details…… aren’t we missing something like substance?
There’s a lot wrong with that. Most of us do not live exclusively on-line. There’s always the possibility we’ll meet someone through friends or chance encounters. Our souls need to be better prepared than our dating profile. How about: is our spirit ready to take on the energy of another spirit? And where’s the sexual component? Sure, we don’t hop from bed to bed like we used to, but sex is still critical to us as gay men. If sex is no longer important make sure that’s true for your new amante. If it’s still part of your menu plan, then find someone who runs at your pace.
Most important, in my mind, is assessing our capacity to love again. I’m not saying there is a certain quantum that runs out, but if you’re leaving a bad relationship, a new one in six months is going to be a problem. Maybe even a year. Souls need rest. In any case we need to be sure of ourselves before embarking on a quest for someone to love and who loves us in return.
In the end it’s a matter of your peace of mind and trusting the stars to find someone.


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