it’s not over

There is now a drug resistant strain of HIV.  So?  Young men must pay attention.  Many think they’re invincible, and they see AIDS as a treatable condition. But it’s treatable for men like me who were infected years ago.  When young men bareback, they’re likely to be infected by the new stain of HIV that is drug resistant, and they cannot not be treated.

Just because someone’s young doesn’t mean he’s clean.  The CDC estimated a 21% increase in HIV incidence for people aged 13-29 years, driven by a 34% increase in young MSM (the only group to experience a significant increase in incidence in this age range). If this group doesn’t know they’re infected, they spread infections, and that means they could pass the drug resistant strain of HIV to their partners.

Young men, get tested!  Take responsibility for your status and ask your partner about his. I don’t want your generation to disappear as mine did.


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