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Male Erotica 2012 Overview

Books submitted to the Lammy Award Erotica Panel prove that male erotica has gone mainstream.  We had a total of nineteen(?) books from publishers ranging from Cleis that specializes in LBGT work to Rizzoli that  prints fine art books of high quality.  All were well crafted and handsomely presented.

I had the delicious joy of immersing myself in a collection of photographs taken by George Platt Lynes whose photographs of male nudes had been archived at the Kinsey Institute. Platt Lynes directed that all his negative images be destroyed on his death in 1955, so this book was a unique opportunity to see frank, honest portraits of men in the 30s and 40s that could have been lost.  The panel also read All Together, a collection of three stories by Dirk Varden. (See my review) Richard LeBonte put together his annual Best Erotica collection of illicit tales from talented writers that made for pleasurable reading. History was a theme in books about early gay writers, Casanova and a young prince.   The popularity of Dirk Varden’s stores about the early 50s and the photos by George Platt Lynes suggest a growing interest by straight and gay readers for information about that period of our history when we became visible to the general public for the first time.  In just two years as chair of the erotica panel the  level of sophistication and the breadth of male erotica has grown.  Who knows what comes this year?


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2 Responses to male erotica panel

  1. stephen July 8, 2012 at 2:19 am #

    i was wondering if you have had a read of the erotic novel – benedetto casanova ?

    i have so say – i went in with no expectations – and was really entertained – it’s sexploits of a young man, a lot of creative scenes and situations, and the romance of a younger man – but it fueled me with – am I so afraid of life I’ve become cynical to love again at 57?

    I caught myself with a yes and no. I had to read it twice to see that the adoration he has
    for he german lover was so extreme and youthful at times it was over the top – but there is no over the top when you are in love. It is the top being thinking feeling remembering
    that person – it changes and seasons with time – but there is always that sense of comfort
    to know – he’s there. In time – he’s there.

    So I think where do we go from here? We create our Will. *Destination Unlimited*
    and hold a positive thought for self and others. we remember our past and friends present and past. we hope for light, life, love and liberty at any age to be free to love
    and live as we choose, where we choose and how we choose.

    I fought for it in the 60’s and 70’s as a very very young man. And now – its time to embrace it as an open heart, a new time, and a fresh start.

    *I’m moving from a residential care giver job ending October 2012, and road travelling south to California – for the winter. THe dog, the car and my dreams of a wonderful time had many many many times in the 1970’s to 2007 in travelling south. It’s been a 2nd home in ways.

    And I dont’ see an end in sight.

    A fresh start – because we are always reinventing ourselves.

    Gibsons, BC Canada

    • Chuck July 8, 2012 at 7:00 pm #

      I have read it, a wonderful tale of lust and splendor. Like you, I lived through the 70s in San Francisco and took advantage of all the free love,

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