my sex with Al Parker



I didn’t know his name, but I’d seen photos of him in a porno magazine at the dirty book store. It was a jail scene.  A man in a tan highway patrol uniform insults him.  He makes him strip and get on the floor. Then Al Parker turns on the highway patrolman.  I forget all the details but the highly stimulating photos documented the sex that ensued. Sex beyond words with his easy manner, the size of his penis, his smile — a perfect jack off package. Every time I was in the bookstore I found that magazine and drooled over the photos.  I don’t remember if it was my budget or sense of propriety that kept me from shelling out the five dollars to take him home.

Months later I’m walking down Castro Street, and I see Al Parker walking up Castro Street with a man.  I can’t help but stare.  He stares back!  I stop and turn around.  My only contact with the industry at that time was a friend who was a dick double. Yes, a dick double! He had a big tool filmmakers used when the star of the flick couldn’t keep it up.  But here I was with my idol smiling back at me.  I summoned the courage to ask if he wanted to come back to our place, and I was caught off guard when he said, “Where do you live?”  I gave him our address and raced down to Toad Hall to tell my partner to get home as quickly as possible.

The four of us stood naked in our bedroom. Al was easy to talk to. As we smoked a joint we all got hard looking at each other.  Michael sucked his cock using his years of experience to give him intense pleasure judging from the sounds Al made. Al fucked Michael who usually topped me until Michael shot his load.  I played with Al’s ass with my hand, and then Al fucked me until he came.  His friend, who I later learned was his business partner, egged him on but never got as involved as the rest of us.

Was it great sex? Of course because it was Al Parker. It was also great because the three of us had a lot of fun teasing each other’s bodies without boundaries.  It ended when his partner reminded Al of an appointment with a client at five.  I assume that was a man who paid to have sex with Al Parker.

Michael and I had fun that afternoon with Drew Okun. Did he remember our encounter before he died in 1990?  I doubt it, but that doesn’t matter. He gave me the gift of Al that continues.





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