what turns me on


First, it was any man who was nice to me. Then it was any man who was nice and had a great smile.  For a while it was anyone who wanted to have sex, period.  Over the years, certain skills were important, and I’ve tried almost everything (never injected anything.) from fisting on LSD to SMBD.    What I remember are the essences of men like Rusty Dragon, a redhead who moved to SF from around Boston in the early 70s with a fine So Boston brogue. Rusty enjoyed life immensely and gave himself to please others. I remember his smile and his thrill of having a man’s hand inside him.  He was a man who gave as well and enthusiastically as he got.  He seemed animated by a grounding music that gave him the spirit of a sprite.  I remember the essence of John Killacky who lives art as dancer, video maker, and trainer of ponies. Today, a man’s passion turns me on.  Seeing someone in love with his work, his pastime, or life is catnip.  Its substance and eyes that say he’s been around the block and few time and has some wear on his tires that excites me.  Just as I once wanted to share coming out stories, now I was to share survival stories.  I want to know more about the whole man.  What made him the man he has become.  I will also sit patiently for long intimate conversations and feel better when we have shared as much as possible.


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