where do we go from here?

First, let me talk about our community. For the last 30 some years we have been bound together by three things, our sexuality, our oppression, and death.  We have made incredibly fast progress on dealing with oppression. With the President eliminating Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and approving of gay marriage, all we have left are stubborn states where it’s still hard to live as out gay men.  Death is now not just losing our dearest but soon, the problems that come with aging. Our issues are unique, and should be dealt with accordingly. Some progress in the form of gay retirement homes and the President’s’ Health Care Law will allow us to strengthen our organizations that deal with aging.  Our job is preparing our minds for it.

Our sexuality remains truly ours, and how we deal with it in the future is worth thinking about.  Being someone of the Hippie persuasion, I believe sexuality is intrinsic to our well-being.  Most of us have learned how to take care of ourselves, but educating the next generation about not just AIDS but drugs and caring will continue to be our responsibility. Remaining active and celebrating our sexuality is essential to remaining sane as we move on.  I believe we have created a culture that’s worth preserving.  Without marches and petitions we now express ourselves through art. Telling our stories through painting, theater, music, dance and literature strengthens and grows our culture. We are out of the closet, and, thankfully have moved beyond Will and Grace, and more of that will enhance our culture and lives. That’s where our energy should be these days.

Personally, I have to find my own way in my final years.  I ended a relationship that only went downhill.  The task is finding something within that will sustain me, so I write my story for other gay men and my son. Beyond that is there something spiritual? It’s never been part of my life.  If it happens I’ll accept it. If a man who cares for himself and likes me, I’m there, but the fear of being alone is not going away any time soon.


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