We all seek it. From parents as children, from teachers in school, and from loved ones throughout our lives.  Getting it doesn’t just happen.  For some it requires backbreaking work or serving in the military. For me the most important acknowledgment is love.  As humans there is nothing more potent than telling someone you love them.

We grow up with tons of measurements. TV cooks are always competing from something. Schools have honors, another way of letting you know where your face appears on the totem pole, and the list goes on.  But that’s not love.

I acknowledge those I love with daily reminders they’re valued and feel bad when I forget. Being told I’m loved refreshes my soul and settles my mind. Deprived I feel worthless.

Why not just a kind word every now and then?  I suppose that works if every day was exactly the same, but our lives change every day, so updating acknowledgements never goes stale. Do you know anyone who says, “Oh please, no more.”

Remind someone he’s loved.  It does wonders for his heart and mind.


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