barak obama, lone ranger

Think about the president from the point of view of his Dockers. He grew up in a society that treated him as second class citizen, so he had to prove himself as worthy as we would and go beyond it.  Racism in America is still with us — look at Republicans in Congress who think an African-American is incapable of governing.   No president before him consciously worked to get us off a war footing in the world despite us three losing wars.  George Bush said he was building democracy through armed force in Iraq and failed.  Obama has inspired others to seek democracy without military involvement, and while the Arab spring has shown democracy does not come easy, the process has started. Our country  had to endure a civil war to become a fully functioning democracy, and then Jim Crow kept a huge portion of our citizens in second class citizenship for almost a hundred years.  Obama brought Russia into eliminating chemical weapons in Syria and most recently opened diplomatic relations with Iran after 35 years of isolation.  He has done what he thinks best for our country even when he knew it meant upsetting others in his party.  That is the mark of a true leader. His ratings show he’s not as popular as he was.
 This lone ranger needs our support.  We may not like everything, but as a leader of America he’s provided universal health care, approved same sex marriage and championed equal treatment for all.  This is no time to let him down


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