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 Chris Beck was Navy Seal who served twenty years taking on the toughest assignments in combat zones. He grew a full beard to fit in while serving in Afghanistan. He was married and has two children. Kirstin Beck is a transgender woman whose goal is to be just another woman walking down the street.  She has also written a book about her journey: Warrior Princess: A U.S. Navy SEAL’s Journey to Coming out Transgender,

In his interview on CNN’s 360, Anderson Cooper asked if she regretted her life as a Seal, and she said she does not regret anything. “There were things I wished I’d done differently, “but she’s leading her life and respecting everyone and everything she did and is.

Anderson asked if a special courage made sllowed her to transform herself beyond the courage it took to face death on the battlefield. She said it wasn’t courage because she was being she person she always wanted to be.

That, to me, is what most of us go through in the process of coming out.  When people tell me I was courageous it doesn’t make sense. We face obstacles and the possibility of being dismissed or despised, but we do it.

I’ve long advocated creating myths and heroes for our community, to match Jew’s myths and history in the Bible and Greeks’ in their mythology.  Kirstin’s simple desire to be a woman walking down the street without being hassled ranks her as one of my heroes.


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