last we heard he’s in Madagascar

My attorney who is doing the legal work on dissolving my partnership with John is trying to contact him, John has to sign the paperwork and return it to my attorney. He can then ask the judge to dissolve our partnership. John left an address at SUNY Stony Brook to forward his mail. My only other address is his Hotmail account. SUNY told my attorney he’s in Madagascar.  John is a field biologist who spent months at a time there over several years collecting and documenting species, so I wasn’t surprised and hope he’s content.

Emotionally the relationship was over three years ago  We separated two years ago on the second of this month, and I’ve not heard from him since. I have no idea how often a person working in a rain forest gets access to a computer; that’s one delay. John is a procrastinator of the first order, so he could be putting off my attorney’s email request for an address; that’s another.  The wait is driving me crazy.

The last physical entanglement I’ll loose will be taking the last of his leather to be sold on consignment. Once it’s official legally I can rid myself of the responsibility entanglements, but I will never stop thinking of the drive along GG Park as anything but a death march. Once a day I had to sit next to him as he drove silently to the far end of the Park or Fort Funston to walk our dogs.  .

Finally, I will someday sell the house in Calavaras County where we spent uncomfortable weekends. That should be the last reminder of painful days, and I will get my life back.   His memory will never dissolve; I just hope someday I can remember the good man I loved fourteen years ago,


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