not so happy new year

I was born an optimist and years of suffering through one frozen winters after the next didn’t diminish it. For years I gave each new Congress, despite horrible mistakes like Reagan and George W. Bush, the benefit of the doubt and hoped it would miraculously come together and uphold America’s ideal of justice for all. This year I am not feeling so generous. Let’s face it Republicans have two goals in life: a) raid the Treasury and b) protect each other.

I am now at an age where I have to think about what I will pass on to my son. If the stock market keeps at it he will never have to worry about having a comfortable home and better than Old Navy clothes on his back. He might, like me, own two homes and an expensive sedan, but I cannot pass on any optimism. Nor can I pass on a country better than when I found it, and I feel really bad about that. When Blacks continue to be treated as second class citizens by Whites my years working for the Model Cities program in Philadelphia and starting the Community Development Office in San Francisco have come to naught. What I can pass on is love, both as his father and as an example of a man who knew unconditional love.

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