teary night

I watched the DVD of Latter Day earlier this evening. Aaron a Mormon man discovering his sexuality with a man in LA. He’s found out by his Mormon roommates and they report him. He’s forced to attend a meeting of dour church elders who condemn him in the harshest terms and ex-communicate him. He slits his wrist. I’d seen it before and knew the ending, but when Aaron shows up at the end I started crying because part of me wants to see Michael who died of AIDS again someday. Later in the evening I watched the HBO program NO on 8, about the four year battle through the state and federal judicial systems by two couples in California that ended when the U.S. Supreme Court let stand the lower district court’s decision that California’s ban on same sex marriage violated the U.S. Constitution. I’m not a fan of marriage, but that most public of all statements that we are full citizens was the capstone of what I’ve been working for since coming out. My tears this time were tears of joy for all the men in my life.

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