I told a friend in college that I would rather be someone who granted money than someone who worked in the trenches. He and I shared a common interest in raising the poor out of poverty, and he eventually went to work for the federal government in Seattle making grants while I worked for Mayors in San Francisco where I mostly kept oil on the waters. As I look back the work he and I did at the Model Cities program in Philadelphia and later hasn’t done a hellava lot to improve the lives of the poor, but we’re both still working at it Unlike his, my father made a lot of money, so I am able to give it away. When I met an attorney to update my will because I had ended my domestic partnership he calculated my total assets, and showed me I had enough to provide my son with as much as my parents provided me and still have enough money to do some good. My giving has been some to a few rather than a little to a lot, and I decided I’d bequeath a million dollars to Lambda Literary Foundation (Lambda Lit). I do it because I’m a writer and also because I’m afraid that with my community now having the right to marry and serve in the military, we could easily slip into the mainstream. Money I give to Lambda Lit will give LGBT writers time to write books that will nourish and grow our culture and keep my community strong for some time after I’m off to that lawn of freshly mowed grass in the sky. and
The press release announcing my gift says philanthropist, so I guess I got what I wished for.

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