stopped watching LOOKING on HBO

I’m a big fan of gay movies, but I stopped watching Looking when the woman got between two men in their bed. I’m not saying that never happened in San Francisco, but I considered rude. Our beds are sacred. I don’t fault the actors. They are solid and Russell Tovey, I loved in History Boys and Frankie Alvarez could be men I know. I fault the script; it wasn’t written by someone who lived here for long. This is the second time I’ve mentioned the program but San Francisco is precious and Looking embarrassed me as a gay San Franciscan. I’m told one of the writers is British which may explain the woman, but I find her a distraction, and I don’t I hate women. I adore lesbians and love my wife. This is a series about an all-male community. What’s wrong with all-male cast? We don’t need a woman to legitimize it to any audience.
Let’s be honest, men move to San Francisco for sex, so the Patrick character belongs in Davenport. Most men here have been through that before they get here, or they don’t need it before they get here. We cherish sex and don’t charge for it; hustlers are birthday presents. Talking about sex is second nature to us or maybe first nature if there is such a thing. The writers cram the stereotypes into the series and miss what’s essential about my home. If you want my credentials, I moved to San Francisco in 1971 and grew up with the gay community as it grew up; Most of my friends are dead but the spirit of sexual freedom and adventure lives on.


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