who am I?

I am part of the generation of lesbians and gay men that declared, “We’re not going to take it any longer.” No one could tell us what we did sexually was wrong. As a matter of fact, we knew it was our strength, and it made us strong enough to build our own neighborhoods with our own elected officials and made us a potent political power I say with all humility that my sexual prowess got me more friends than I would ever have had as a straight man and more importantly it gave me the confidence I didn’t have growing up to raise millions of dollars for the Human Rights Fund and the Hormel Gay and Lesbian Center in San Francisco’s Main Library. If you are queer next time and the one you love are passionately making out I ask you to remember that in addition to sharing the most intimate feelings and you are affirming your sexuality as your gift. I often wonder about why we are called gay. I think it came into common usage because people like my mother thought gay men gave the best parties. Don’t laugh. The thing that makes a party a success are the guests and hosts who love being alive. We as gay people own our sexuality; we love ourselves and love life. That is our gift and as examples our families and straight friends will begin to see that owning up to their sexuality will improve their lives. As for the assholes in Congress, I say, let ‘em strew in their fetid juices; we have better things to do.

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