My Letter to Nancy Pelosi

Dear Nancy,

I have been a steadfast supporter and constituent since before you were Speaker and got laws passed in Congress and I was chairman of the board of the Human Rights Campaign Fund, now the Human Rights Campaign.

Americans are fed up with inaction and I waited in vain this fall for the Democrats to use the most powerful populist tool they had: follow Truman’s lead and run against the Republicans. The list of ways Republicans have harmed everyday Americans is long and sordid.

To win sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

You’re bickering over how to attract rust belt voters. The issue is much larger and to win next time Democrats should focus on showing the American public the many ways Republicans at all levels of government have cheated them out of the American dream.

I responded to constituent mail for Dianne when she was Mayor, so I’d rather you hear what I say and dispense with your standard letter.


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