Stand up to the NRA

In 1982 my doctor told me I had six months to live. Later, as a member of Dianne Feinstein’s staff I attended a public meeting to discuss the closing of the baths that got so violent I feared for my safety, but in the end the LGBT community created the national model for HIV-AIDS care and treatment. When the city built the new Main Library part of the fundraising was assigned to various affinity groups that represented parts of the community. Nobody had ever done anything like it but I lead the gay and lesbian group and we not only showed the other groups how to do it but we raised 3.2 million dollars, more than any other group. We’re already showed America we can elected our candidates to office. Now in Orlando we were the target of the largest terrorist attack in America and we should respond by leading the national campaign to stand up to the NRA. Nobody should be allowed to own an assault rifle and no one should be able to have large caches of ammunition. We’re big boys and girls now and we can stop the NRA.

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Ivy education, long-time San Franciscan with two dogs and two homes. Have traveled most of the world and spend my days writing.


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