The Coming Storm

In the last week I’ve sensed a coming together among the diverse communities that make up America. The drumbeats are getting stronger. None of us is happy with the recent election but no one is going to lie down and take it. Fortifications are being built, resources are being stored and we are preparing to fiercely protect our hard-earned rights. The next four years are going to show the go-back aggrieved folks in this country that running a country requires more than slogans and telling lies. America is the largest and most complex civilization the earth has ever known, so it’s going to take more than growing up in the projects to come up with solutions that revitalize our central cities. It’s going to take more that hate-slanted career to run the Department of Justice.

Every new administration has to jump in and all the previous administrations took that job seriously and while I disagree with George Bush and just about everything, he understood the importance of history and went about filling his cabinet responsibly. The leadership of the Republican Party did not support Trump, so in selecting his cabinet Trump has only a paltry number of suck-ups to choose from. Since he has no grasp of what it takes to run a country like ours, he and his minions are going to walk into their new offices in January and their only goal will be dismantling the sane programs President Obama put in place. Since few of his appointments have any administrative experience they are not going to know how to lead their respective departments and the result will be resistant employees and turmoil. Is that any to run a country? I expect four years of fuck-ups.

Our coming together means that in the next election is critical. If our collective outrage is properly organized and led we can send Trump’s most avid supporters back to the shadows. I hope the Democrats find their balls.


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