The next four years

The Trump presidency will prove once and for all that Republicans can’t govern. They run against government and once they get into office they raid the treasury and vote for tax breaks and regulations no one sees that let corporations get away with murder. Trickledown economics has never worked and Trump’s neo-fascism won’t work either. I say this as someone who said that a country that elected Barak Obama twice had the good sense not to elect a buffoon like Trump. But trust me, history is one our side.

The gay people who are going to be hurt most by Trump are those who live in the states that pass “bathroom bills”, this century’s Jim Crow legislation and anyone who relies on Obama’s health care. Also hurt will be those who wish to marry in states where local judges fail to marry gay couples because they know a federal agency won’t take them to court.

For the next four years we have to hang together. Once again we have to take care of ourselves and make sure our friendly legal organizations get our financial support. (I sent hefty checks to Lambda Legal, the ACLU and The Southern Poverty Law Center.) I am honored to be part of Lambda Lit (not to be confused with Lambda Legal) because it was our literature that kept hope alive for LGBT people through the worst times in our history, like Nazi Germany and the Vatican’s various homophobia episodes, and we need all the hope we can muster. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t raised by gay parents and I wasn’t taught in a gay-friendly high school or college, so I rely on our GLBT authors to pass on my LGBT history on as well as write our history every day. They will keep us strong during this next assault on us


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