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Video I made about my novel Paste this to your browser.

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My Interview with Lambda Lit

Have you read any of the other recent books that deal with this moment–I am thinking of Cleve Jones’ recent bio. How do you feel your book relates to these other books? Cleve Jones has just written an outstanding book about the politics of the early 70s in San Francisco, but there isn’t much else […]

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Bad PR

In July of last year I hired Lawrence Helman to do PR on the novel I was writing. When I look back, it was too early to hire a PR person. I also commissioned a video at the same time. The man producing it and I had to get to know each other, but he […]

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Homage to the early 70s in San Franicsco

When I arrived in San Francisco in the early 70s and I had been involved in the Civil Rights struggles in the South; my generation was ending a senseless war in Viet Nam and gay men in San Francisco were changing the way America thought about sex, their optimism was heady. I wasn’t released from […]

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I’ve paid attention to politics since I watched the 1950 Democratic Convention in my Republican grandparent’s tiny TV set and I majored in government at Dartmouth. During Nixon’s presidency it was clear to me that Republicans very successfully got away with accusing Democrats of doing something to deflect attention to what they were doing, often […]

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My Interview with Thom Gunn

THOM GUNN, FORMALIST RENEGADE 1929-2004 My first date with Thom Gunn did not go well. It happened in Chicago in the late-1970’s. After a couple hours of unsuccessful cruising in a few bars, I found Thom in a bookstore in Moly and My Sad Captains. I recognized his name and being newly out as a […]

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My Letter to Nancy Pelosi

Dear Nancy, I have been a steadfast supporter and constituent since before you were Speaker and got laws passed in Congress and I was chairman of the board of the Human Rights Campaign Fund, now the Human Rights Campaign. Americans are fed up with inaction and I waited in vain this fall for the Democrats […]

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Letter to my son on the election

November 10, 2016 Son, I want to leave you a better world than the one I found but with the recent election it does not look like I can’t. As your father in addition to caring for you I’ve enjoyed sex and worked on behalf of the gay and lesbian community. I’m very proud of […]

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Why I Love San Francisco

I read this on the Queerty webpage today. It’s quote from Korey Kuhl, an Amazing Race star and it caught my attention because what he says about San Francisco is the same as my response to the city when I arrived in 1972. Changes here have sent rents through the roof and driven out artists […]

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I tell my story and I do not in any way mean to diminish the pain and hardship suffered by HIV survivors. It’s not a pretty picture for many survivors and I grieve for them as I grieve for the family that was at my side with sex dope and camping it up when I […]

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