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Today we celebrate a year of gay marriage and mourn the tragic loss of the lives of our brothers and sisters in Orlando. Many years ago when I had sex every night I did the impossible and got up before seven. With my trusty Nikon I went to the foot of Howard Street and photographed […]

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Social change don’t come easy and we do it different

Most social change has begun with the act of a single person like Rosa Park’s refusal to sit in the back of the bus. From that act a movement develops and the movements are usually led by a man or men such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela. The experience in our community […]

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What the World Needs is Love

On the Internet I watch Broadway’s best sing ‘What the World Needs is Love.” On a stage with headphones tight against their ears I see Fran Drescher, Gloria Estefan, Whoopi Goldberg, Joel Grey, Sean Hayes, Bill Irwin, Carole King, Nathan Lane, Audra McDonald, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Brian Stokes Mitchell and more. Even Edie Windsor who […]

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Stand up to the NRA

In 1982 my doctor told me I had six months to live. Later, as a member of Dianne Feinstein’s staff I attended a public meeting to discuss the closing of the baths that got so violent I feared for my safety, but in the end the LGBT community created the national model for HIV-AIDS care […]

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The Democrats Got Their Balls Back

Stephen Colbert said, “Isn’t an agnostic just an atheist without balls?” I would paraphrase that. Isn’t a Democrat just a wimp without Trump? What Trump has done is to remind the Democratic Party it has balls. Beginning with Ronald Reagan Republicans have successfully sold the America people the idea that government is bad. It’s taken […]

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Alive at 61

November, 2005 During a mid-life crisis years ago my therapist recommended a book of myths about men who matured from the conquering hero of youth to a wise trickster in old age. I liked the idea of getting wiser, so I read it. Or read as much as I could. With each fable deconstructed, each […]

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I completed a novel

Yesterday I completed writing a novel and I don’t feel elation as much as fatigue. For years I refused to write a novel because I didn’t think I could plot my way out of a paper bag, but a novel was the only way I could tell the story of the most important time in […]

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straight acting

When a gay man puts the word “straight acting” in an on-line dating profile it’s not just the worst pick up line it’s a sure sign he is very unsure of his masculinity Out in the straight world things are different. This happened on a one of ABC’s recent Bachelorette Programs. Clint Arlis, a 27-year-old […]

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First chapter of my novel

ONE San Francisco 1971 It was too late to save myself! The plane’s door was sealed and I couldn’t back out! In an hour I would be in San Francisco where gay men lived openly and I worried I wouldn’t measure up When the plane landed my desperate craving for freedom yanked me out of […]

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Dear Michael

Dear Michael, Forty years ago we started living together on Fulton Street, and I thought you’d like to know that Toad Hall is back. The most popular gay bar in 1972 is no longer beneath the Victorian apartments on Castro Street; it’s around the corner on 18th where the Mistake used to be. It doesn’t […]

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