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Pornogarpher Boyd McDonald

Andrew Holleran’s “Lewd” article about pornographer Boyd McDonald in the recent Gay and Lesbian Review sent me to my bedside table. On the bottom shelf behind a crumpled electric heating pad I found McDonald’s magazine “Straight to Hell” (Nos 39, 49,50, 51, 52) and his books Cum, Skin, Filth, Cream, Smut, Scum, Meat, Flesh, and […]

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From OUR TIME to be published in January

The story started in the 50s when word of San Francisco as an outpost of freaks got out. Gay men liked what they saw before being shipped off to bases in the Pacific and others came to escape being hounded. Those men wrote glowing letters to their friends back home about holding hands in public. […]

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Tonight Nick Jonas sang America the Beautiful with the Boston Pops Symphony but I heard my community singing America the Beautiful to the brothers and sisters we lost in Orlando. We are America and despite what small minded legislators in states like North Carolina like to think we are America and we will never retreat […]

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Thom Gunn The Last Interview

THOM GUNN, A LAST INTERVIEW 1929-2004 My first date with Thom Gunn did not go well. It happened in Chicago in the late-1970’s after sitting for hours in a Boystown bar. Wandering down Broadway I found Thom in a bookstore and took him back to my hotel. In a copy of Moly and My Sad […]

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comes full circle

My generation believed we could change the world with love as we fought for African-American civil rights, stopped the war in Viet Nam, started the women’s movement and then championed gay liberation. Those attitudes run in cycles and I’ve been waiting for a generation that will feel as strongly about social justice as mine did. […]

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Act One Scene One

OUR TOWN Act One, Scene One Characters: Speakers James Duncan , 22 years old gay man Ivan, Matuszak 20 years old gay man Stage Manager, Trevor Hailey Nonspeaking Young man, early twenties Tommy, tall blond in his 30s Bartender about 23 The stage manager wears a top hat, an old Army jacket and carries a […]

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This 1998 movie reminds me of how far we’ve come. The movie launched Sean Hayes’ career and he was quickly picked up for the role of Jack McFarland in Will and Grace. The movie may have been the screenwriter’s idea of gay life then, but it wasn’t mine. This early movie was a well-meaning attempt […]

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Dear Michael

Dear Michael, Forty years ago we started living together on Fulton Street, and I thought you’d like to know that Toad Hall is back. The most popular gay bar in 1972 is no longer beneath the Victorian apartments on Castro Street; it’s around the corner on 18th where the Mistake used to be. It doesn’t […]

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chapter one

ONE Winter, 1971 I was a bright horny kid and my queer career started at a Texaco station in northern Wisconsin. I expected I’d meet hip homos at an Ivy League college, but Dartmouth had none so on a wintry afternoon I pondered my future at Occom Pond. I lost my father at ten and […]

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I told a friend in college that I would rather be someone who granted money than someone who worked in the trenches. He and I shared a common interest in raising the poor out of poverty, and he eventually went to work for the federal government in Seattle making grants while I worked for Mayors […]

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